HELLO! I'm CARLA ANGELA. :) I'm the ONE that'll greet you with a high five or a big bear hug. I'm a FRIEND who will drop everything to be with you any time of the day no matter what the circumstances. I'm the GIRL who hides my broken heart with the biggest smile you've ever seen. And last but not the least; I'M THE BARBIE YOU CANNOT PLAY WITH.;)


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2012 is almost over. I just want to say thank you to those people who made my 2012   interesting. Thank you Elem. friends, HS friends, 1E1, PTG, T12, Labs, "Kinder" for those good memories that you gave me this year. I still want you by my side for the rest of my life. Hihi. Too cheesyyy.  :’)

May ibang wala sa pictures. Ang dami kong nakasama ngayong taong to pero wala akong picture kasama sila. HAHAHA. But still, thank you. Kilala niyo na kung sino kayo. :)

Sa family ko especially kay kuya, sobrang thank you sa pag-intindi sakin. Sa care, sa love, sa lahat. Thank you. I love you. :* :)

Kay God na hanggang ngayon hindi pa kinukuha yung buhay ko kahit na paminsan minsan ipinagpe-pray ko na na kunin niya na ko, THANK YOU. Sa guidance, sa love, sa care, sa lahat din po. Thank you and I love you. Sorry din Lord sa mga kalokohan ko. Hahaha. I love you ulit. :) :*

At dun sa blurred yung picture. HAHAHA. Yan si “Kinder”. Okayyy. Highlight yan ng 2012 ko. Pahabol yan sa 2012 ko e. HAHAHA. Umalis din naman agad. HAHAHA. Jk. :D THANK YOU SAYO. :) Sana next year may picture na tayo together. JOKE. HAHAHA. :D

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I dedicate myself to my sleep, my dreams, my sufferance, my loneliness, and to my never ending hunger because I cannot dedicate myself to any fellow being.



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