HELLO! I'm CARLA ANGELA. :) I'm the ONE that'll greet you with a high five or a big bear hug. I'm a FRIEND who will drop everything to be with you any time of the day no matter what the circumstances. I'm the GIRL who hides my broken heart with the biggest smile you've ever seen. And last but not the least; I'M THE BARBIE YOU CANNOT PLAY WITH.;)


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Alam kong mali pero pinasok ko pa rin kasi umaasa akong balang araw, baka maging tama rin.

Posted 1 day ago

this would be enough as a birthday gift guys ehem hahahaha

this would be enough as a birthday gift guys ehem hahahaha

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She isn’t the type of girl who would settle for less.

But for you boy, she would do anything just to be your second best.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey! I haven’t blogged about my personal life lately. Why? Cos’ it’s kinda boring. Doing same shit everyday, still the lazy *ss, sleep for 12 hours and eat for the next nth hours, nothing more. Imagine how I’m still surviving with that case haha. But I’m planning to change starting this SEPTEMBER! My birth month! It’s not nice welcoming my 19th year of living, oh I guess I’m just existing, without doing extraordinary before I bid goodbye to my 18th year of procrastinating. So I guess I’ll be having fun for the last week of my 18th year hihi. HOPEFULLY! :)

Posted 3 weeks ago

We’re trying to work things out but I’m afraid we’ll just end up destroying ourselves.

Posted 1 month ago

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Gurlfuhriends 5evssss :”>

Gurlfuhriends 5evssss :”>

Posted 2 months ago

At kanina ko lang narealize na siguro kahit kaming dalawa na lang tao sa mundo, hindi pa rin kami magpapansinan.

Wala e, bitter kami sa isa’t isa e. =))

Posted 3 months ago


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It was mid-November when we met.

December came, our love blooms.

Winter has passed and so does you.

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I dedicate myself to my sleep, my dreams, my sufferance, my loneliness, and to my never ending hunger because I cannot dedicate myself to any fellow being.



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